who is behind sundays are sunny?


My name is Maddie. Here are some things I like: ice-cream, writing, board games, alt music, stripes, Trader Joe's, laughing with friends, photography, the zoo, jack the dog (my dog), being home, parks and rec, new york, gallery walls, the donner dinner party, obsessing over nick and charlie, candles, beautiful lightingreading a good book, IKEA, eating outside, this song,  beach trips, new stationary, exploring the woods, lemonade, this song, watercolor, this person, journaling, autumn, the secret life of walter mitty, writing random notes, la croix, making films, my grandparents house, this blog. 


I started SAS in 2015 not knowing what I wanted it to be or what I wanted to post. I'm two years in and still don't know...and maybe it's better like that. I've always been a perfectionist, everything has to be 100% to me. And through this blog I've realized nothing is going to be perfect. This blog isn't going to be famous, the posts aren't always going to be amazing or on time, but I'm okay with it like that. 

let's get in touch! - sundays.are.sunny@gmail.com

(please don't use any writing or photography from SAS without my consent!)