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STEP ONE:                                                                                      STEP TWO:                                                                                     STEP THREE:

find a blank journal, ruler, eraser, sharpie, and pencil.     measure your page length ways, then divide by three       go over your pencil lines with a sharpie. 

                                                                                                          in order to make three even boxes on each page.     

STEP FIVE: create a page for each of the months. you can customize what you write here, but i left a space for notes, quotes and inspiration. i also printed out Rookie's monthly calendar to glue inside. 

STEP FOUR: write out the days and dates then create a bookmark. 

STEP SIX: have an organized year with your own groovy flair! 


a year in art

during my sophomore year of high school, i took 2D art classes one and two. 2D one is the art class that comes right after the foundations intro class. 2D one continues the basics of art, teaching the elements and principals of design, as well as the color wheel. projects in the class were more structured and included certain criteria that 2D two didn't focus on. 2D two was more up to the student to find their style and learn time management while working on projects. even though each class was entirely different, i enjoyed them both equally for opposite aspects. 

here is my year in art (starting in december): 


2D one

MUST HAVE:  realistic feature, interesting angle, background with colored paper

the objective of the project was to draw a part of the face as realistically as possible. i chose an ear from reference and used only a dark green colored pencil with exception to the yellow highlighted above the earrings. 



2D two

Metaphorical Self Portrait

aim of the project was to create a portrait selecting one negitive trait about yourself and one positive then to create a piece focused around those traits. can you guess what two traits i chose to create my piece? 




2D two

Memory Self Portrait 

this piece started out as a collage from magazines which was used as a sketch for the final painting which is acrylic. each object represents a memory from my life. from the sketch, i only changed the colors and locations on the world split in two. 




2D two

Best of Times; Worst of Times

This cohesive piece shows a juxtaposition between a good time and a bad time in my life. i used watercolor to paint the cameras and created collages around to add to the subject. 



2D two

Printing and Inking

this project started as a still life drawing, i chose a child's shoe, lock and light bulb. from there, i carved my sketch into a piece of styrofoam to use as my printing stamp. after many attempts, i was able to create these three prints in the last week of class. 

summer art

this collage was made from mid to end june on a half inch canvas. 


summer art

mini collages inside a chocolate sampler box, matchbox and earrings box.