A Day in The Life

8:45- Got up and had breakfast; a piece of danish and coffee.


9:40- Got on the road to go to a farmers market and thrifting 


10:00- Arrived at the farmer's market and got a really nice cinnamon roll, candles shaped as turkeys for Thanksgiving, and I also got these really amazing salted caramel, caramels.

10:40- Finished up at the farmer's market and headed to a thrift store. (Which if you don't already thrift it's a really good way to find inexpensive clothes)


I would call shopping a success, I got a really nice Ralph Lauren sweater, a J Crew sweat shirt type shirt, and a new long sleeve running shirt. (each for only 10 dollars) 


I took the opportunity when I was in the changing room to do an OOTD. (sorry for the dirty mirror) 

1. jacket- Lands End

2. shirt- Gap

3. black skinnies- Old Navy

4. boots- DSW, last year


11:30- Then I went to watch my little brother play soccer and his team won!! Afterwards we went to Chick-fli-A for a celebratory lunch. 


1:30- After the game I came home to enjoy my cinnamon roll and read the new books I got out of the library. (Apparently I'm going to learn how to draw vintage clothes?!)

Then I checked my mail box and to my surprise my Pointless Blog t-shirt (finally) came!!!


I then wrote some of my book (it's a work in progress, hopefully someday published) and started on making eggplant parmesan with my mom. It took for ever and in the end we put too much salt on it, but it still tasted nice. 

6:00- Around this time we started our movie binging night, this weekend we had free HBO (a movie network) so we tried to watch as many as we could. I'm pretty sure we ended up watching three, Blended, Best in Show and one more which I can't remember.

11:30- We ended our movie night and went to bed. 

Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment telling me your favorite part of the weekend, and I'll catch you next week.