Looking back on 2015...

2015 has been a great year. I made some new friends, became a little more me and well started this blog. This blog has been such an amazing surface for me to share my thoughts, photography and everything in between. I have met some lovely people through the blogging community and found a ton of new, amazing blogs to follow.  

But behind the scenes of this blog it has also been great. I finished my first novel which is crazy. I went to my first concert which was beyond cool. I spent three weeks away from home during the summer on my own with extended family. I started to learn a whole new language (French). I made some great new friends. And improved my photography skills. Now I'm not telling you all these things to 'brag' or whatever. It's for when I'm old. I can look back on this post and see what I did in 2015 and justify to myself that I didn't just spend the whole year on the internet (but I did that too). 

So this year has been good. But I'm looking forward to the new year as well. 2016! That's so weird but cool at the same time. 2016 seems like it shouldn't be upon us quite yet. This whole year has gone by  w a y  too fast for me, I honestly feel like I just got on the plane to fly to Mexico but that was last December. But maybe that's a good thing that it went by too fast. Maybe it needed to go by that fast to get our minds off of everything else that is going on in the world. But that's just my thoughts on it. Did it go fast for you? 

I'm sitting on my window seat writing this post listening to one of my new favorite bands and just thinking over this year. Did I accomplish my New Year's resolutions? Did I do everything I wanted to do this year? Yes and no. No, I didn't accomplish any of my goals because I didn't make any. I think making New Year's resolutions goals is just setting yourself up for disaster. I only set long time goals that I know I will be able to accomplish. Am I really going to start exercising every day and stop eating dessert even if that delicious piece of chocolate cake is sitting in front of me? No, because from the start I knew I wouldn't be able to actually do it. Half way through the year I will eat that cake and stop going for a run every day. I just will. And that's why I don't set little goals for each year, I don't want to be disappointed when I'm destined to fail. I mean of course I set long time goals- move to England, publish a book etcetera. So what I guess I'm trying to say is this year there wasn't anything that I absolutely knew I would be able to accomplish so I didn't set any goals for 2015

Yes, I did just about everything I wanted to do this year...I think. 

I'm sorry if I have made this post to chatty. I don't usually do this kind of stuff on my blog- the chattier posts. I normally stick to posts with more pictures. But maybe this year I will actually make a goal, which is completely against what I just said above, but I know I will be able to accomplish this one. To make more chattier posts, so you guys can get to know me better. 

Goals for 2016

  1. Write more in depth posts.
  2. Blog more frequently.
  3. Have more fun overall, everyday. 

This is 2016, it's a delicious, fresh cupcake with a new pink candle in it. 

You light 2016's candle on fire ready to wish and hope it will be a great year. 


You blow the candle out closing your eyes, crossing your fingers and making your wish. 


You watch as the smoke from the candle moves into the air and a feeling whiffs over you that it will be a great year, you smile. 

I wish you all a great year and get ready for an amazing blogging year!

Love you all.