The Christmas Tree

Quickly before I begin, I hope you all are enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas. I have spent a long time getting all of these posts ready and I'm very happy I can finally share them all with you.  So right now before I begin go down to the bottom of the post and hit the like button if you are enjoying, thanks, it means and helps a lot!

Decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and each ornament has a different meaning then the next. Here are some of my favorites...



This first ornament was from when I was exactly this height to my Mom. She gave it to me a few years ago and it has been a favorite of ours ever since. 



This next one if from our family trip to England a few years back. This was honestly one of my favorite experiences ever and this ornament brings back so many wonderful memories. (And yes I'm aware this is the UK's flag and not the British flag.)



This one represents the car I have always wanted-a red buggy. But now it has really turned into a red mini cooper-but I still adore this car. 



This one is very dear to me because it is in honor of my hamster Mo-Mo who passed away a year ago. It is an adorable ornament that even plays the hamster song. 


And last but not least my Harry Potter ornament. I once upon a time was obsessed with all things Harry Potter so for Christmas my parents got me this ornament. When I first got it, even after Christmas I kept it on my bedside table to look at each day. 

I hope you enjoyed and please in the comments below tell me about your favorite ornaments and don't forget to like!

Love you all.