Shoot + Record

Shoot + Record, one button if used correctly, that is able to capture the perfect moment for all of eternity. The little camera sitting on your desk or built into your phone can do more then you can imagine, more than you had intentions for, just with a press of that button you can create an image people will be able to look back on for years to follow. Whether it's your birthday party when all of your family and friends are gathered around or the last vacation you took to the sea where the sun is setting perfectly over the water. It can be captured to look back on for as long as you want to remember it. 

Now enough of my inspirational banter. Welcome to the two part series where I will be sharing everything I have to share on the two subjects I feel most passionate about- writing and photography/film. Part two Shoot + Record. 

My first "actual" camera I had was (again) a Hello Kitty camera from my Aunt. I remember being so amazed by it. I remember it would count down the pictures I had left where I could then download them to my parent's laptop to look at all of the beautiful pictures of feet and cut off faces I took. My second camera I can recall was a bit of a upgrade but again from my Aunt. This one had an actual screen where in a delay reaction kind of way would line up a picture for me to snap. After this glorious camera had broken I begged my parents for their old brick of a camera that the zoom buttons had fallen off and could only hold a charge for about fifteen minutes. I still have this camera (which still works) sitting inside the "drawer of forgotten technology" as I like to call it along with my first generation Nintendo DS and mp3 player but let's save those for another day. 

By the time my 11th birthday rolled around this camera just wasn't cutting it anymore so I was gifted with my point and shoot. My point and shoot and I have been through everything together, a house move, plenty of ocean and beach pictures, vacations galore and countless stupid commercials and videos made by my friends and I. 

Something else I have always found myself doing in my free time is making videos. When video tape recorders were still a thing my friends, brother and I would make talk shows, little movies, and just random other sketches on a tape marked iMaddie. (Yes refering from my favorite show at the time iCarly.) 

Then when my point and shoot came along we upgraded our production company, now named Normalz Productions (a joke, of course) and started actually editing and making the videos "better". Normalz Productions focused on more commercials such as salsa, normal pills, and root beer. And let's not forget about the cringe worthy tissue commercials made late at night in the upstairs of my Grandparents house which are now deleted from my Mom's laptop's hard drive when her computer crashed along with the salsa video, root beer and many more, let's take a moment of silence for these memories. OK, let's not get off track now. 

Getting older I am still trying to find my style of film and photography and I feel like it will be a while before that happens but for now I'm exploring my horizons of styles. Some of my favorite youtuber film/sketch creators are Jack and Dean, Rhett and Link, and of course KickthePJ. Over these past couple weeks I may or may not have binged just about his entire channel, but his videos and style is just so appealing. 

From his obsession with space and the idea of jet packs and time travel to Wiggles the clown and Ringo Starr. His slurps are amazing not to mention Oscar's Hotel which he worked so hard on so hard this year with so many other amazing film creators. 

So Shoot + Record are two other things that have kept me busy over the years and still will for years to come. 

Hopefully this short little post series allowed you to get to know me better and my hobbies/passions of writing and photography/film. I know these posts were long but if you managed to get all the way through without asking yourself "Why and I still reading this?" give yourself a pat on the back and thank you. Don't forget to like and comment and I will see you soon.

Love you all.