Pen + Paper

Pen + Paper, two of the most ordinary objects but have some of the most extraordinary capabilities. With just an idea in your head and a pen in your hand you can create fantastical places where only creatures you can imagine come to life. Or the pen and paper could become the perfect duo and send yourself into a doodle perfect world where your procrastination gets the best of you. And maybe even this simple piece of paper could become much more and hold the power of knowing your deepest darkest secrets and feelings. The possibilities are endless with two of the most extraordinary, ordinary objects. 

Now enough of my inspirational banter. Welcome to the two part series where I will be sharing everything I have to share on the two subjects I feel most passionate about- writing and photography/film. Part one- Pen + Paper. 

Writing has been there for me since I could comprehend the idea of writing a story. I have always had ideas in my head of what the next thing I will write is. Sometimes these spontaneous ideas bounce into my head in the middle of class and I write this idea down in my handwriting consisting of a perfect medley of cursive and print only later to be erased before my teacher can see it. 

I would say the stories I create reflect the books I read. A couple years ago when I was really into Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series I wrote about far away places where the only way to get there was a stone you would find on the ground. Now being a bit older I write more Realistic Fiction about characters that are relatable and real things happen to. 

My writing style now is definitely shaped around the books by Jen Calonita and Wendy Mass. The Secrets of my Hollywood Life series and Bells series both by Jen Calonita are definitely what inspired me to write My Life in a Nutshell. And Wendy Mass has always been one of my favorites with the blend of magic and Realistic Fiction in her books- enough to get me hooked. 

I have had the same diary since 2008 where I still to this day write down only the deepest darkest things I want no one to know other than the Hello Kitty picture at the bottom of each page, don't laugh, remember it was back in 2008 when I got this diary and then I was very little. 

Doodling and drawing have been big in my life for a very long time as well. I don't think I have a paper in my school binder that doesn't have some kind of doodle, song lyric, or piece of writing on the side of it. It's a strange habit of mine, writing things on school papers that don't have to be there. But I think It helps me think better. Putting spirals all over my folder (which is something I have done) as a teacher lectures I have learned makes me think better rather than just looking them while they talk which just makes my mind trail off into something else. 

So Pen + Paper to me are two very important objects that have so much more power in them then some people give them credit for. 

And that concludes the first part to my two part creative series. Let me know what you think in the comments, don't forget to like and I will be posting the second part very soon! 

Love you all.