Point Of View Two

Last year on the 24th of December my very best blogging friend, A Day in the Life of the Anonymous Me, and I posted our five favorite photos from each others holiday posts. This year we decided to make the post a tradition. So here you have it, my favorite photos from ADITLOTAM's 2016 collabmas. 


This lovely vintage car is from her Christmas Tree post. I love how the nose is pointed to the corner of the frame to make it feel as if it's driving out of the picture. The dust on the lense is also a nice effect. 


I also loved this snap from her Mince Pie Recipe. The colors and lights of the christmas tree in the background give it a lovely ambiance.  


This photo from her Things I Have Learnt This Year post is so lively and colorful. It's a good reminder in the dead of winter that new life will spring again. 


The photo from her Lush Christmas post feels cozy and wintery. The colors all fit together so well and all tie into the adorable fabric underneath. 


This picture to go along with her A Letter I'll Never Send post feels as warm as the words themselves. The lantern gives a beautiful glow in contrast with the dark background. 

#6 - My favorite photo from all year

When I think of the ADITLOTAM blog I automatically think of this photo. The pebbles of the beach reflecting the sunlight beautifully and the foam of the waves contrast wonderfully with the reds and grays. It reflects the calm and cozy feeling of her blog perfectly. It captures how you can always go there if you need a getaway or break from the world. This photo reminds me, we always have a home at-adayinthelifeoftheanonymousme.wordpress.com. (photo found here


And that concludes my 12 Days of Christmas for 2016! OK, award show time- let me have my fun. Firstly, I'd like to thank my wonderful friend Katheryne for drawing the banner as well as helping with the hot chocolate posts and diy posts. Next, I'd like to thank my brain for not combusting into a million pieces while spinning out 12 posts I was proud of putting out onto the internet. Finally, thank you for reading, liking and commenting on the posts. It means the world to have people appreciating my writing and photography whoever they may be. Until next year!