April Playlist

  1. Black Bear- Black Bear
  2. Take Your Guess- Tom Rosenthal
  3. Argonauts- The Little Ones
  4. Water- Ra Ra Riot
  5. Have We Met Before- Tom Rosenthal
  6. Here we are- Patrick Park
  7. Drunk Kids- Tallhart
  8. The Youth- MGMT 
  9. This Too Shall Pass- OK GO
  10. Lake Michigan- Rogue Wave
  11. Step Out- Jose Gonzalez 
  12. This is the Life- Two Door Cinema Club 
  13. Be Like You- We Were Evergreen 

I know, I know I missed last month's Playlist. But I came back strong with a very nice playlist I suggest you go and listen too! This month I was loving Tom Rosenthal and it just happen to be the time he was doing his weekly videos on his YouTube channel. I had actually liked one of his songs before (and put it in this playlist) and then heard him in Friend Like Me (a short film I talked about here, by Sammy Paul) and checked out his videos. My favorite song by him is Take Your Guess which is #2. I also love the video and the way he did it (by just going up to random people on the street and asking them to hold a sign).

Also Lake Michigan and Step Out were on repeat after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty again which is one of my favorite movies ever. Step Out is so motivating yet calming at the same time and I love that about it. Lake Michigan will get stuck in your head- just a warning. 

Not really considered real music but have you seen any of the Bad Lip Readings? Oh my god, they are the funniest things in the world. Basically, it's a bunch of video clips put together from movies or T.V. that are striped of sound. Then the geniuses behind put different words to the video making it look like that's really what they are saying. They normally make videos of them just talking but sometimes make songs. My family and I have memorised most of Bushes of Love (Star Wars), Carl Poppa (Walking Dead) and Obsidiots (Hunger Games) but I promise you, we aren't crazy. Just go over and watch some then come back and tell me how funny they are. (It will probably depend on your sense of humor how funny you find them) 

But that's all for now! Let me know your favorite song from April in the comments and I will be sure to listen to it.