A Cheesy Summer Title

The Endless Summer or The Best Summer are examples of what this post could have been called. But I'll stick with my pretentious one. 

It's been summer around here for about three weeks which doesn't really make sense to me since I've done about nothing. I've made myself a list...

  • Wrote and edited my book.
  • Went to a photography camp. 
  • Binged on Parks and Rec (I'm on season four now.) 

I'm currently listening to the waves crashing in and out while sitting snug inside a beach house. The beach is step one of my chaotic summer, but it's the good kind of chaotic. 

Happy late fourth to all my American readers out there. My family and I watched fireworks over the bay to the sound of The Janitors (more of wedding singers then anything else) playing to the KA-BANGS. My brother and I also took this time to play with low iso. 

Tune in next time when I'll explain [in depth] how bad The Janitors really are. (Not really...I'm not really doing that.)