a different point of view three

in name of tradition(!), A Day in the Life of the Anonymous Me and I have picked our favorite five photos from each other's blogs from over the year. here are mine...

Number One: 


this absolutely beautiful photograph was taken in Winchester earlier this year. i love how she embodied the grandness of the cathedral in her photo (just look how tiny the people are). also the sky looks unreal against the Gothic architecture, basically the contrast is amazing! (found here)



what isn't there to love about a cotton candy sky and calm waves falling in and out of shore? sOOO PPPRREEETTTTTYYY. (found here

Number Three: 

someone, please put this beautiful rose on a graphic t-shirt and credit ADITLOTAM right away. Ahh, it's so amazing. (found here

number four: 


weird street art on the side of a building? Yes Please. this was such a neat find from when she was in Aldeburgh during her visit to East Anglia earlier this year. (found here) 


you definitely can't go wrong with a concert pic, this one is from the Killers. she perfectly captured the energy and excitement of listening to your favorite band live. (found here

overall favorite from the year:

she took so many crazy good photos this year but this simple photo from The Netherlands is my absolute favorite. i love her use of negative space with the empty sky and the leading line of the mast. (found here

that wraps up this years A Different Point of View! be sure to check out her blog linked all over this post, see you next year!


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