Hello Interwebs.

I had a Pop-tart for breakfast this morning, then I had another one a couple hours later. Mom says I'm going to turn into a Pop-tart, but I really don't eat them all that often, OK that's a lie, I have one like every day but they are just so good. 

This got of to a random start. But anyway I'm Olive, and this is my journal. I really don't know why I decided to start this, probably just because I'm bored. And I also don't plan on telling my parents about this blog, they will just get clingy and want to read every one of my posts and nag me about spelling and grammar.  I really just want this blog for my thoughts and feelings only. I'm not going to put my picture on here either just to keep it as secret as I can, but I will tell you this I have dark brown hair with blonde highlights, dark brown eyes, and freckles all over my face just like my twin, Fred. Its really weird, we are the only people in the family with freckles, everyone else is completely freckle-less. By everyone I mean my mom, dad, older brother Matt, and younger brother Louie. And I guess my dog, bae, too but I don't think it is possible for dogs to have freckles. 

Last night was family game night (I know we are so lame) and I definitely should have won Monopoly but since Louie is only four my parents let him cheat and win so he wouldn't throw a temper tantrum. Sometimes I seriously think my parents are scared of is capabilities. For example, every year for Christmas brake we go to our lake house Michigan with our grandparents and on the way there this past Christmas we stopped at the truck stop for some snacks (and so Fred wouldn't pee his pants) and Louie really wanted an ice cream but my parents wouldn't let him so he opened the ice-cream freezer and started taking out all of the ice-cream and throwing them all around the store. Yeah we were band from that stop...

People says that twins can like read each others minds or something like that and I can assure you that it is  NOT possible. We also played a Guess Who tournament last night (it's one of Louie's games). So when it was Fred and my turn to play against each other we tried to read each others minds about who our person was we were but of course it didn't work. But if it did I'm sure my parents were going to ship us off to some science lab to get tested on for psychic powers. 

But yeah that's my boring life right now, cheating brothers and not having psychic powers. So I'll catch you tomorrow, bye.


OLivE'S Dictionary-




1. annoying younger brother with an awful temper and usually gets what ever he want, when ever he wants it.

2. the most adorable little brother with the curliest, softest light brown hair and bright blue eyes.