Stairs are dangerous.

I hate my name, Olive, what kind of a name is it even? It's not like its short for anything its just Olive. I don't even like olives or the color olive green. But I guess I could have it worse, my name could be Helga or Bertha, but my parents wouldn't do that to me...right.

But anyway Matt and I had to watch Louie tonight since my parents had a date night and Fred is at a friends house. Matt automatically assigned me to put Louie to bed right after Mom and Dad left. Let me tell you sleep duty is not everyone's favorite but I secretly like it.  I feel like Louie and I have this connection that no one else has with him, it might have something to do with me being his only sister or sharing a room with him but I don't know. Anyway we watched some of Louie's kids shows then heated up some slices of pizza we found in the freezer for dinner. By then it was about 8:00, Louie's bed time so I took him upstairs, brushed his teeth, helped him into his PJ's then read him his favorite story but he fell asleep half way through it. 

Matt and I then watched America Ninja Warrior but I really don't like that show so I went to make some pop-corn. While I was making the pop-corn I got a call from Fred saying that he needed to be picked up since his friend's sister was rushed to the hospital because she had an allergic reaction to the cheese on the pizza she was eating. So I went down stairs to tell Matt and he drove over to the hospital to pick him up and I stayed back with Louie. 

Him rushing off to the hospital reminds me of when Fred and I were six and he thought it would be a great idea to jump from the top of the steps and see if he could fly down. Now Matt and I thought this was a really bad idea so I wasn't going to try but Fred was certain that he would be able to fly down. As you can probably tell this did not go well, he ended up with a fractured wrist. At the time dad was the only one home with us since he is a stay-at-home dad. He had no idea what was going on so when Fred fell I went and got him. Then he rushed us to the patient's first. And the only other thing I remember about that day was playing tic-tac-to with Matt in the car. 

It's an inside joke with our family now, whenever we see Fred on the steps we say "aren't you going to fly down?" its really funny because it gets on Fred's nerves every time but I don't think we will ever let it down. 

But that's all for now I hear my parents coming in the front door now and I don't want them to come up and see what I'm doing, remember this blog is a secret. 


OLivE'S Dictionary-




1. Weirdo twin brother who gets on my nerves and is just plain annoying. 

2. Literally the funniest person on the planet who's laugh is contagious.